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Produits Forestiers Munger inc. was established in 1991 as a manufacturer of hydraulic brush cutters for excavators. Soon after, PFMI spread its activities to sawmills, offering technical support and building custom machinery. During the 1990’s, we quickly expanded our services towards the manufacturing industry as well as the construction business.

The specific requirements of these new partners progressively led the company to expand its expertise and knowhow.  We created a wide range of lifting and handling apparatuses and metal forming machines.

From the turn of the millennium, for the precast concrete sector, PFMI designed and built cement and aggregate processing systems.  We also created reusable steel forms, of miscellaneous shapes and sizes, for the serial precast of concrete parts.

Since 2006, we design and build suspended work platforms for maintenance work in industrial environments that use large storage tanks and silos.  These unique hoisted platforms shorten shutdown times while improving worker safety and comfort.

Since its inception, PFMI has created specialized tools for complex tasks. Today, PFMI’s customer base is divers and dynamic, and continually motivates the evolution of our capacities.

Vision & Values

PFMI develops fair and lasting relations with its employees, clients and suppliers.  We believe that trust is the cornerstone of every business relationship.
We consider that our success is tied to our partners’ success. We thrive towards our clients’ and suppliers’ progress.   A parallel evolution benefits all participants.
Every project is thoroughly analyzed to devise a plan of action combining novel ideas with proven solutions.  Your characteristic requirements are at the heart of the solution process.
We take charge of your projects and put our expertise at work for you.  Free of mind, you can focus your efforts on areas where it counts.
We act professionally and support all of our products and services.

Why you should choose PFMI

Our workshop has all the necessary metal working equipment to achieve your vision.
  • Steel and aluminum welding;
  • Complete conventional machine shop;
  • CNC Plasma / Oxy-fuel metal cutting table;
  • Plate breaking shop;
  • Shot blast cleaning and modern paint shops;
  • When needed, we can call on our solid network of sub-contractors to expand our capacities and meet special project requirements.
Competence and stability
Our well trained multidisciplinary team collectively cumulates dozens of years of experience with PFMI.
Over the years, we carried out projects in fields as diverse as :
  • Mobile machinery;
  • Complete plant planning and layout;
  • New equipment integration;
  • Sawmill machinery;
  • Specialized machinery;
  • Steel structure;
  • Roller, belt, screw and chain conveyors;
  • High capacity transportation wagons;
  • Storage and weighing bins;
  • Lifting apparatuses (bridge cranes, jib cranes, lifting beams, spreader beams, hooks, clamps, bins, etc…);
  • Steel forms for precast concrete parts;
  • Various hand tools;
  • Suspended circular expandable aluminum workdecks;
  • Stainless steel fabrication;
  • Aluminum fabrication.
Committed team
All team members are dedicated to the quality of their work and are enthused when ambitious projects come along.

We are motivated just as well by new challenges, as by the optimization and improvement of existing products or systems.
We take charge of your projects
Our project task team takes ownership of your projects, stage by stage, giving you peace of mind.
  • Project assessment, feasibility analysis, costs evaluation;
  • Engineering and design;
  • Production of shop & field drawings;
  • Manufacturing:
  • Welding;
  • Structures;
  • Machining;
  • Mechanical assembly;
  • Pneumatics;
  • Hydraulics;
  • Installation;
  • Start-up;
  • Maintenance.
The scope of our services can adapt to each project, from the manufacturing of a few parts all the way to the turnkey implementation of complete production systems.
Our team is at its best when tackling novel challenges.  We combine proven concepts, fresh ideas and solid fabrication techniques to build the optimal solution, all at once simple and innovative.


CSA W47.1
CSA W59.2
CSA 178.2
AWS D1.1
AWS D1.6