Our Services

Design & Engineering

Our team of engineers / project managers has acquired a wide knowhow over the years. Our engineers are registered in several Canadian jurisdictions.  Furthermore, we have access to the most recent technologies to bring your vision to reality.
  • 3D Computer Assisted Design;
  • Finite Element Analysis;
  • Computer aided engineering software;
  • 3D scanning.


Our well-equipped shops are divided by departments.  Our skilled workforce is equipped with an assortment of lifting apparatuses, enabling the safe and effective handling of large parts and assemblies.
Preparation department
  • Automated saws can precisely cut metallic profiles;
  • A CNC cutting table, with oxy-fuel or plasma torches, produce precises parts of small or large dimensions, up to 6 inches thick.
Machine shop
  • Lathes;
  • Milling machines;
  • Horizontal boring machine;
  • High capacity drills.
Welding department
  • Our welders are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) as compliant to division 1 of CSA standard 47.1;
  • Our Shop is also accredited by the CWB for the welding of steel (CSA W59), and aluminum (CSA W59.2);
  • We hold a certificate from the American Welding Society for the welding of mild steel (AWS D1.1) and stainless steel (AWS D1.6);
  • Our in-house quality department (compliant with CSA 178.2) insures the achievement of customers’ requirements.
Plate metal shop
  • Our plate shop possesses shears and breaks to shape metals as projects demand.
Surface preparation and paint shop
  • Following your requirements, we can offer sand or shot blast cleaning of parts;
  • Our modern paint shop can finish fabricated parts according to your needs.

Turn Key Services

Since the beginning, PFMI seeks the complete integration of the engineering department with the manufacturing shop.  This global approach results in shorter deliveries of effective solutions at a competitive price.